Ndika Fomukong PAC Chairman/CEO

Chief Executive Officer Ndika Fomukong is Chairman of the Board. Mr. Fomukong has over 10 years of experience in the health field and is a graduate of Drew University.  Mr. Fomukong is a visionary who has the experience and leadership to guide the non-profit, non-governmental organization during the next ten years in the development of a global plan to address the health crisis in sub Sahara Africa, developing and underdeveloped countries.


Ndika Fomukong currently works as a physician’s assistant at Mee Memorial Hospital in King City, California.  This health institution provides healthcare services in an underserved community.  Mr. Fomukong develops and implements patient management plans, advises patients on family planning and maintenance of good health, and prescribes therapeutic regimens.  He worked for several years as a registered nurse at Maxim Healthcare and Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, California.  Here, he provided general medical care while participating in rehabilitation and treatment programs.  Mr Fomukong has several years of work experience as a psychiatric technician at Metropolitan State Hospital, Patton State Hospital, and Delamo Hospitals in California.  In these locations he provided nursing care to patients referred by the courts as incompetent to stand trial or found guilty by reason of insanity.  Mr. Fomukong earned a Bachelor of Science degree in health sciences and his physician assistant and Nurse practitioner licenses from Charles R Drew University of medicine and science in Los Angeles California.  He earned his psychiatric technician license from Valley Vocational Center and became a registered nurse through Regents College of New York.

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